Advocacy is at the heart of the work we do at YWCA Canberra, and with the vision of girls and women thriving, we strengthen communities by supporting girls and women through our services and advocacy.

Our advocacy agenda is directly informed by the work that YWCA Canberra undertakes across the ACT, drawing on the evidence and knowledge generated by our programs, services, and the research we undertake.

YWCA Canberra’s approach to advocacy

1. Partnership and solidarity

We work in partnership with other women’s organisations, and across sectors to progress gender equality.

2. Membership driven

YWCA Canberra wants to see a world where women are leaders in their communities and participate in decision-making processes on a local, national and international level.

As a membership organisation, our members play a critical role in building community awareness, taking action and mobilising their networks to achieve gender equality.

3. Grassroots to the global level

As a member of World YWCA, YWCA Canberra stands in solidarity with women across the world.

We participate in global policy fora such as the Commission of the Status of Women, to ensure that women’s voices are heard at the highest levels of decision making.

4. Legislative and regulatory reform

Gender equality will not just happen organically. In the ACT it needs to be driven by strong leadership, legislative and regulatory reform, and appropriate resourcing of the ACT Women’s Plan.