Towards 2024

YWCA Canberra has a long history of engaging with political parties and candidates in the lead up to each local and federal of houses and the canberra skywhale

Our ACT election platform Towards 2024 called on candidates and parties to prioritise action on the following recommendations:

  • safe and affordable housing
  • preventing violence against women
  • valuing early childhood education and promoting access

The 2020 ACT Election took place against a backdrop of increased financial insecurity impacting disproportionately on the female workforce as well as additional unpaid care and greater risk of violence as a result of lock-down measures. For YWCA Canberra, it was more important than ever that the priorities of Canberra’s women and children were central to the election and the next ACT Government’s plan.

As part of our Towards 2024 campaign, we reached out to our members and supporters to encourage engagement and hear ideas about the ACT election and how candidates and parties can work to address these priorities.

The below Towards 2024 resources were made available.

Resources for download