Meet a member – Penny Kyburz

28 February 2020

Phi Phi Nguyen

Phi Phi is the Communications Officer at YWCA Canberra

This article is part of our member profile series. Our members tell us that one of the things they love about being part of our community is getting to know like-minded women. We will feature an interview with a member here on our blog so you can get to know each other a little better. Today, meet Penny Kyburz.

Describe yourself in 30 words or less.Penny Kyburz portrait

I’m a video game developer turned academic, feminist, activist, mother. I like making connections with people, ideas, groups. I usually have a thousand things on the go at a time.

What is on your playlist?

It depends on my mood and what I’m doing, but lots of 80s and 90s goes into the mix!

People would be surprised if they knew…

I really enjoy cooking and baking. I love the tactile and sensory experience and I find it relaxing and an opportunity to switch off everything else.

What are you reading at the moment?

Fully Automated Luxury Communism by Aaron Bastani.

Who is your feminist inspiration?

There are a lot of amazing women around me, working hard to push boundaries and be leaders in all sorts of ways. Here are a few local inspirations – Emma Davidson, Elanor Huntington, Caroline Le Couteur, Genevieve Bell, Ginger Gorman, Rebecca Vassarotti.

What is an achievement you are proud of?

This year I ran for the Senate. It was new and challenging, a bit scary, and exhausting, but great to stand up for what I believe in and put myself out there.

Why did you join the Y? 

To connect with amazing women, who I can learn from and support. I attended the She Leads Conference and other workshops, which were great opportunities to learn, grow, and connect.

What’s the change you want to see in the world? 

Primarily, I want to see people living harmoniously with our planet and with each other. We need to work together to reduce our harm to the planet and to always think about what we are handing down to our children and future generations.

Share with us the best piece of advice you’ve been given.

Someone recently told me to just ‘be the best Penny that you can be’ and this really resonated with me. It’s easy to get caught up worrying about what other people are doing or how you can conform to expectations. Be yourself and be kind to yourself.

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