Whistle–blower policy

We encourage any employee who has a concern about unethical or improper conduct to speak up. We will support you and will properly investigate your concerns. We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and promoting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour, compliance, and good corporate governance. ​

Who can make a disclosure? ​

Any current or former person that has a work-related role, including Board directors / Board trainees /interns (observers), employees, contractors, suppliers, providers or their relatives or dependents. ​

What is unethical or improper conduct? ​

YWCA Canberra encourages the disclosure of information that suggests misconduct, an improper state of affairs or a contravention of legislation. A disclosure can be made where there are objectively reasonable grounds to suspect a YWCA Canberra employee or officer has engaged in conduct, relating to YWCA Canberra and our services, that is: ​

  • dishonest       ​
  • fraudulent​
  • corrupt​
  • illegal​
  • unethical​
  • theft or financial loss​
  • harassment or unlawful discrimination of YWCA clients and/or other employees​
  • serious and a substantial waste of public resources. ​

Out of scope​

Grievances do not qualify for protection under this policy. Examples include: ​

  • reports that relate solely to work-related grievances ​
  • complaints about the level of service from the organisation or a particular staff
  • difference of opinion about a policy​
  • employment disputes. ​

​This policy must not be used for frivolous or vexatious purposes as there must always be objectively reasonable grounds to suspect wrongdoing for it to be reported under this policy. This policy is aligned to and supports the YWCA Canberra Code of Conduct.

What protections will YWCA Canberra give me if I raise a concern? ​

We are committed to ensuring that any person who makes a disclosure is treated fairly and does not suffer detriment and that their confidentiality is preserved. Detrimental acts include: ​

  • dismissing you from your employment​
  • injuring you in your employment​
  • altering your position or duties to your disadvantage​
  • discriminating between you and other employees of the same employer​
  • harassing or intimidating you​
  • ceasing purchasing supplies
  • harming or injuring you, including causing you psychological harm​.

​How do I get in touch?

No matter who you disclose to, we will preserve confidentially. If there is conduct that you believe does not feel right, you can make a disclosure by: ​

  • emailing the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee​.  (auditandrisk@ywca-canberra.org.au). The Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee is independent and not an employee or board director of YWCA Canberra
  • emailing the quality inbox (quality@ywca-canberra.org.au) ​
  • speaking to the Quality and Risk manager​
  • having a conversation with an Executive Director​
  • speaking to the CEO.